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All Kinds of Parties!

Providing Music For: 
Weddings, Personal Parties , Birthday Parties , Graduation Parties Wedding DJ in Manchester Event DJ in Portsmouth Event DJ in Rochester

Serving NH, ME, MA, and VT


Your Experience is Powered By : BEHRINGER

Main Board: Xenyx X2222

Speakers: 2- 15" 1500watt 2-way 

Subwoofer: 1-15" 1000watt

Lighting : 4- Flood Type and 2-FX On Deck

Why Choose Me?

Let's Keep it Simple

Never Get Bored Choose Your Own Playlist

I'll Provide Quality Sound and Life to the Scene

Other Skills: Producer , Mixer , Video and Sound Engineer, and Artist


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Sounds by DJ Lendy

Rochester, New Hampshire, United States

(603) 337-5406 or (603)-948-7516